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OpenCPS is the land and marine seismic processing software designed and developed in the 21st century to solve QC, time and depth processing challenges. OpenCPS is capable of handling a seismic workload of any scale.


Full Processing Suite

Designed as a complete seismic processing toolkit, OpenCPS takes your data from field tapes through time processing and depth imaging.

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OpenCPS provides unique interactive processing technology with real-time feedback on picks and parameters. More interactivity means better decisions, lower risk and faster turn-around.

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OpenCPS features fast 2D & 3D visualization and an interactive crossplot with instant access to headers and trace statistics. Advanced visualization allows you to identify and fix geometry and processing errors more quickly.

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Designed for Integration

OpenCPS is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing technologies, including third-party data formats and proprietary algorithms. Our consulting services make it happen.

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